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Author Introduction
Stuart Scott
Author's Name: Stuart Scott
Dates: 0 -

Short Description

聖約神學院(Covenant Theological Seminary)教牧博士

美南浸信會(The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)神學碩士

恩典神學院(Grace Theological Seminary)道學碩士

哥倫比亞國際大學Columbia International University學士

曾於The Master’s College and Seminary從事聖經輔導。在Southern Baptist Seminary, Louisville擔任聖經輔導助理教授5年之久。擁有30多年的牧養經驗,包括10年在Grace Community Church, California擔任John MacArthur 的助理牧師。

擔任One-Eighty Counseling and Education ministry執行長,National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (NANC)董事,也是Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC)會員。



The Exemplary Husband

From Pride to Humility

Biblical Manhood

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Anger, Anxiety and Fear

Killing Sin Habits


Stuart Scott: Books

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