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Frequently Asked Questions

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  Online credit card
  Pay Pal Payment
  Pay at store or fax credit card authorization
  SmilePay -「Pay at 711 I-Bon」
  SmilePay - Pay by ATM

  How do I order the first time I visit?
  How do I become a member?
  How do I sign in to this site?
  What if I forget my member ID or password?
  After I found the book(s) I want, how do I buy them?
  How can I change the quantity of a book in my cart?
  Can I place an order if my country is not on your menu list?

  What is profile?
  How to modify my profile?
  Is my profile public information?
  Is it necessary to keep the profile information current?

  How can I find a book?
  Could I search by the name of a book or by an author?
  What can I do if I cannot find the book(s) I want in this site?

  How many menthods are there for the payment?
  What is smilepay?
  What are the payment options for China?
  What are the payment options for overseas countries?
  Can I choose a billing name/title and address which are different from my shipping address?

  How can I check the status of my order?
  How long will it take my order to arrive?
  May I cancel my order after I have pressed the "submit" button?
  May I change the payment method after checking out?

  What shipping company does CRTSbooks use?
  Can your books be shipped to Mainland China?

  What is the “newsletter?”
  How can I receive your newsletter?
  Can anyone write a review for a book?
  How do I submit a review?
  Who can vote to rate a book?
  How do I vote to rate a book?

add a FAQ
  How do I add a FAQ?

  How can I become an editor?
  How do I edit short description as an editor or a translator?
  Why can't I update the file?
  What I should do if program does not running right?

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