The RTF Press and In-Him Solid Rock Press

My favorite two Chinese Reformed Presses are our own RTF Press (co-owners of this blog) and the In-Him Rock Press. The RTF Press is located in Taipei and publishes in the traditional Chinese script.  The Press has 7 staff members.  It has 80 Reformed Books in print outside of China and 5 books in China.  In 2012, the press sold about 30,000 books.  The In-Him Rock is located in Beijing and publishes in the simplified Chinese script.  The Press has 10 staff members.  It has over 30 Reformed books legally published in China.  In 2012, the press sold a lot of books in China. 

The two presses have a lot of similarities.  Both presses are solid Reformed ministries.  Both presses specialize in translations of orthodox Reformed Works (Calvin, the Puritans, Edwards, Spurgeon, Warfield, Berkoff, Van Til, Sproul, Ferguson, Piper, Pratt, etc.).  Each Press is publishing about 10 new books a year.  Both presses grew out of Reformed Mission work, but are now indigenous Chinese ministries.  With the exception of me, all of the Board members and Staff members are Chinese.  And both Presses come close to be self-supporting.  In 2011, the RTF Press had income and expenses of about US $175,000.  US$140,000 of this came from the sale of books.  The other US $35,000 came from two US non-profits (about $15,000 from our RTF Board and about $15,000 from Friends of CRTS). 

A final similarity is that both Presses live under financial pressure.  Chinese Christian book ministries are almost all money losing businesses.  The cost of printing has been going up, but the price of books remains the same - and internet prices are going down.  Also, fewer Christians are reading books - although thankfully many Chinese Reformed Christians still like to read.  Our mission support is also less than steady.   In February of this year, our assistant-director and I visited with the director of the In-Him Rock Press in Hong Kong. He told me that he is expecting a US $20,000 deficit in 2013, and our RTF Press is also looking at about the same.  And yet we thank God, because we know that we are in his hands.        


Andrew McCafferty,

Executive Director of RTF Press 


P.S.  You can see all the books which RTF Press has in print at RTF Press books-in-print.   You can see / download our Company Reports for the past 5 years at  RTF Press Company Reports.  We are in the process of making available similar information for the In-Him Rock Press.  


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