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    1. RTF Press, 2008 April - RTF Press Company Report (132.00 kb) (English)
    2. RTF Press, 2008 October - RTF Press Company Report (62.00 kb) (English)
    3. RTF Press, 2009 April - RTF Press Company Report (72.00 kb) (English)
    4. RTF Press, 2009 October - RTF Press Company Report (91.50 kb) (English)
    5. RTF Press, 2010 April - RTF Press Company Report (101.00 kb) (English)
    6. RTF Press, 2010 October - RTF Press Company Report (101.00 kb) (English)
    7. RTF Press, 2011 April - RTF Press Company Report (140.00 kb) (English)
    8. RTF Press, 2011 October - RTF Press Company Report (130.50 kb) (English)
    9. RTF Press, 2012 April - RTF Press Company Report (125.00 kb) (English)
    10. RTF Press, 2012 October - RTF Press Company Report (98.00 kb) (English)

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Depression: Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness (Edward T. Welch)


  近十年來,有憂鬱症的朋友有增無減,成為社會普遍現象,更是教會不得不關注的問題。有些蒙恩的人進入剛強的教會,得著神奇妙的醫治;有些單靠醫藥的幫助走出來,但還是經常面臨復發的危機;也有不 ...

Spurgeon's Sorrows: Realistic Hope for those who Suffer from Depression (Zack Eswine)

本書審慎地引用司布真的講道內容,來概述他與憂鬱症的掙扎。並且使用這位傳奇牧師作為個案研討,也作為指導手冊,幫助基督徒面對這個極為普遍的疾病。全書結構清楚,表達優美;滿有恩慈,感同身受;坦然誠實,切實可行;肯定靈性憂鬱與屬靈爭戰;平衡聖經原則,符合歷史事實 ...

Spiritual Depression (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)
Believing that Christian joy was one of the most potent factors in the spread of Christianity in the early centuries, Lloyd-Jones ...
Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God (J.I.Packer)
The Campus Evangelical Fellowship list of the best 30 books for missions includes this book. In the CEF review they write of "mus ...
The Marriage Builder (Text Book) (Lawrence J. Crabb)
Psychologist Larry Crabb cuts to the heart of the biblical view of marriage: the "one-flesh" relationship. He argues convincingly ...
Christian Unity (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)
Vital themes behind Christian unity are often overlooked in the press of sentiment for greater ecumenicity. This study seeks to ex ...
The Theology of the Book of Revelation (Richard J. Bauckham)

Richard Bauckham expounds the theology of the Book of Revelation: its understanding of God, Christ and the Spirit, the role of ...

Speaking Truth In Love-Counsel In Community (David Powlison)

Have you ever wondered how to be a more effective counselor? Have you ever looked for a better way to talk to difficult people? ...

New Testament Theology (Leon Morris)
This work is not a history of New Testament times, nor an account of New Testament religion. Nor does it proceed from a view that ...
Christian Counselor's Manual (Jay E. Adams)
The Christian Counselor's Manual is a companion and sequel volume to the author's influential Competent to Counsel. It takes the a ...
Blame It ON the Brain (POD) (Edward T. Welch)
Depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, Alcoholism, Homosexuality. Research suggests that more and more behaviors are caused by br ...
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